Silk and the production of silk scarves

Silk has been used for centuries to create luxurious, beautiful fabrics and garments. From the ancient Chinese dynasties to modern-day fashion houses, silk has been a popular choice for clothing and accessory designers.

Today, Tie Solution GmbH is a leading company in Europe for producing silk and silk scarves customized handrolls, making it easy to create high-quality, fashionable garments and accessories.

Tie Solution GmbH specializes in producing scarves, ties, and other fashion accessories made from silk. Their production process begins with selecting the highest quality silk available, from both domestic and international sources. The silk is then cut and sewn into the desired shape and size. From there, the scarves are hand-rolled and stitched for a unique, one-of-a-kind look. This process ensures that each scarf has its own unique pattern and texture, making it truly unique. The company also offers customized handrolling for clients who desire a unique, personalized scarf. This process involves rolling the silk fabric in a specific pattern and shape before stitching it together. The process creates a unique look and feel, making it the perfect choice for a custom scarf. Clients can creat his own patterns and colors. The Tie Solution GmbH Team will advise you individual.

Halstücher Clarins aus Habotai Seide, handgerollt by Tie Solution GmbH
Halstücher Clarins aus Habotai Seide, handgerollt by Tie Solution GmbH